The Story of an Autistic Boy & His Family
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The Blog

Here are all the stories I've written so far about Parker and our family. I'll be writing a new one every day. That's because there is always something new every day to say.

They are all true. At least from my perspective they are true. I mean, you know how someone can have one perspective, and another person can see a situation from another perspective. These stories are from my mind. I'm sure if my husband Tim or my daughter Claire were writing them, they would seem a bit different. But, that's ok. They can start his own blog if they want! Some stories are funny. Some are a little sad. Most importantly, they are real.

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Hot Lunch or Cold?


Hot lunch, or cold lunch? What’re your kids having? Where Parker is concerned, I usually have absolutely no idea what to do. I’m big on being organized for school. I like getting the kids’ clothes out the night before, make their lunches, pack away Claire’s homework, etc, etc. I always check the lunch menu for each school my kids attend. Nearly every day, Claire will not want to eat what’s offered on the menu. Cold lunch for her…..unless it’s Pizza Hut ...Read More >>

I Can't Believe I'm Telling This Story


I couldn’t make this up. I do believe I have heard something similar to this from someone else. But, I don’t recall who, what, or where. Maybe it was some sort of suburban legend that has ...Read More >>

Bored By The Boat


I’m in the middle of a three week run of 35 “Velveteen Rabbit” shows at The Rose Theater. It’s a play based on a book about a little boy who loves his velveteen rabbit toy so m...Read More >>