The Story of an Autistic Boy & His Family
The Story of an Autistic Boy & His Family

Welcome to Parker's Pages

My name is Sue Booton. This is my website. It's meant to be a story about my 9-year-old son, Parker. He has autism. But, it's also a story about me, and how my fairly "normal" life turned so many different directions once it became clear to me, my husband, and the rest of our family that he had autism. So, it's really a story about my husband Tim, our daughter Claire, my parents, his parents, extended family, neighbors and friends.

Because, regardless of what any cliche may say, having a baby changes everything, but having a baby with special needs changes your universe!

This site isn't meant to be a place to bemoan, unload, and complain about our 9-year-old son, Parker, who has autism. Nor, it is to give the unrealistic view that he is so wonderful or perfect! No, he's just Parker....a little boy that was born to us 9 years ago. Was I prepared for an autistic boy? Heck No! I don't even think I was ready for another baby at all! (I had a little girl, who is 17 months older than Parker when he was born). All I know is that he came into this world and I loved him immediately. And, when he started to appear "different", I tried to ignore it. We all did. But, as time went by, his strange behavior just couldn't be ignored any longer.

Yes, this is the ongoing story of Parker. It's beautiful, sad, funny, unsettling, loving, wonderful, terrible, and everything in between. This story isn't just for all the other parents of autistic kids to read and compare their life with. Yes, it IS for them. But, it's also for all the other parents, and maybe even people who aren't even parents yet, to read, learn, and understand more about the day to day life of living with our Parker.

So, go ahead, read about Parker, take a look at our photos and videos, and send your comments back. Let's have a conversation about Parker, and all the other Parker's out there and THEIR moms. Because, there are ALOT of them.